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Tips from a Certified Animal Behavior Counselor
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QUESTION: "Speaking of needing advice…Luke has gone backwards in his potty training and has taken to pooping in the house, especially when it is wet outside. His (sometimes) trainer says she has not a clue what to do with a dog who has access to the outside through a doggy door and insists on going Inside."
ANSWER: Here's what you do: forget you have a dog door for now. Walk him on a schedule. If he does not go outside when it is time to go, come inside and crate him. Try again in 1/2 hour or so. And, keep him near you inside. On leash or gated in the room with you. Praise him for going outside and, when it is wet, go outside with him an convince him what a blast that is. ;) If he is pooping in a certain area, block that area off or close the door. Then, when you have time, spend time in that area with him on leash so it gets to be part of his home. Often dogs choose little used places like formal dining rooms or guest rooms. So, I'm always curious where he is going. But, back to square one. We worry about the dog door when we get him back on track.
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