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Showing your dog in conformation can bring immense satisfaction to both you and your dog. For a healthy family hobby, showing dogs can't be beaten! The best of all worlds, showing dogs has something for everyone: For the Breeder, conformation showcases your breeding efforts The Owner can either exhibit their own dog or choose to have their dog professionally handled The Professional Handler exhibits for the breeder/owner who chooses not to exhibit their own dogs The Conformation judge has the opportunity to be a part of the breeds he or she judges Note: Young children should be discouraged from exhibiting in the Conformation ring. Both dog and handler can be injured by the handler's inability to properly handle the Norfolk Terrier. Junior Showmanship is an arena that provides an excellent opportunity to teach young children the art and responsibilities of showing dogs. It is an important pre-cursor to young people entering the Conformation ring. Children should be able to safely lift a Norfolk on to the examination table, be tall enough to properly manage the dog on the examination table and to safely lift it down to the floor. For the safety of the child and the dog, they should also have the strength and awareness of their exhibit in relation to other dogs in the ring. There are conformation classes in every major metropolitan area, videos, seminars and books available for the novice.
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