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Breeding Tips And Tricks
The Bluebonnet Norfolk Terrier Club does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate these recommendations or contributors, their kennel or their stock. The purpose of this section is to share the knowledge and experience of breeders who have vast experience in whelping and raising puppies. The tips and tricks below are intended to augment qualified veterinarian care, not as a substitute for qualified veterinarian care of the dam and puppies.
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From DeBe's Norwich The most important hints I can give anyone for whelping is always wait until the bitch has been in labor for at least 2 hours before C-Section.
From Arriba Norfolks If a bitch stops her contractions, take her for a walk and she will instinctively try to relieve herself, which will stimulate contractions. A bit of vanilla ice cream may also help stimulate contractions. More than two hours between puppies generally suggests you need veterinarian assistance.
From Tony Gabrielli, Domby Kennels Many years ago one of my bitches that I co-owned had a c- section. I was called the next day because the bitch was rejecting the pups. Since there was no fluid or placenta available a day later, but the bitch was still discharging, I rubbed the pups all over the discharge. When we put the pups back in she immediately began cleaning them and settled into nursing them. Just a bit more info for all of you.
As your vet to inquire about a Canine Herpes Vaccine available from Merial in the UK. Learn about CHV BEFORE you breed to increase your chances of delivering a healthy litter. See more information in our Links/Health Related Sites section on this site.
From DeBe's Norwich I always give probiocin on day 2, day of tails, day when eyes open, and when they start eating big puppy food. I also give it to all my dogs whenever they get shots or have a stressful procedure done. It keeps the digestive system more balanced so they don't get runny poo. If for some reason Mom or the pups get sick and need antibiotics then I give this everyday.
A clear discharge and swollen vulva is normal a few days before a bitch goes into labor. Any color to the discharge is a sign of trouble and you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.
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