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Breeding Tips And Tricks
The Bluebonnet Norfolk Terrier Club does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate these recommendations or contributors, their kennel or their stock. The purpose of this section is to share the knowledge and experience of breeders who have vast experience in whelping and raising puppies. The tips and tricks below are intended to augment qualified veterinarian care, not as a substitute for qualified veterinarian care of the dam and puppies.
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From DeBe's Norwich Handling newborn puppies several short periods every day until they are about 5 weeks old creates the human bond. Once they are well on their feet and weaned, start taking them on short field trips and exposing them to noises and different environments. (Webmaster's NOTE: Follow your vet's advice with regard to your puppy's immunity before exposing your puppy to an environment that could pose a threat.)
From DeBe's Norwich During labor I mix espilac and pedialyte and offer that to her while in labor and for the next 24 hours afterwards. I find that is the one way to get them to eat or drink anything in those first hours or even days
From DeBe's Norwich If you have a sluggish newborn, rub a bit of clear Karo on its mouth, wait about ten minutes and place it on the dam to nurse. The extra glucose will give the puppy needed strength to nurse.
From Infinity Kennels Puppies are actually born 63 days from the date of ovulation, not 63 days from the date of breeding. This is why progesterone tests assist in determining a bitch's due date.
From Infinity Kennels Pre-Natal Care We do not supplement our pregnant bitches, but after the first month of pregnancy, we do switch them to puppy or lactating formula of dog food, which we keep her on until the puppies are weaned. Within two weeks of whelping, we begin feeding 3 small meals/day. After the puppies are whelped, we offer the bitch supplemental calcium in the form of yogurt or cottage cheese until the puppies are weaned
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