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Breeding Tips And Tricks
The Bluebonnet Norfolk Terrier Club does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate these recommendations or contributors, their kennel or their stock. The purpose of this section is to share the knowledge and experience of breeders who have vast experience in whelping and raising puppies. The tips and tricks below are intended to augment qualified veterinarian care, not as a substitute for qualified veterinarian care of the dam and puppies.
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Virus and The Pregnant Bitch: Remember that a virus contracted by the pregnant bitch (Distemper, Canine Herpes, etc.) is transmitted to the puppies and is usually fatal. Many viruses are airborn and spring is a breeding ground for many dangerous viruses. Keep your pregnant bitch isolated as much as possible and seek veterinary attention at the first sign of viral infection.
Vaccinations: If you plan to breed your dog, discuss with your veterinarian the impact of vaccination timing in relationship to the breeding and whelping dates of your dog well ahead of the planned breeding to reduce any negative impact on the breeding and puppies.
Incontinence in the pregnant bitch. As a bitch nears her whelping date more pressure is placed on the bladder and she will need to relieve herself more frequently. Additionally, if she has a C-Section she will need more frequent relief until she has fully recovered from the surgery.
Never OFA when in season. The hip laxity is greater then. OFA recommends at least 60 days before or after.
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