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Partree Kennels Before the war drop ear exhibitors were joined by Mrs. Duncan Spencer who in 1948 became the first official Club President. Josephine Spencer imported Trump of Boxted, by Tobit, as a foundation sire for her Partree Kennel. Her next import, Cobbler of Boxted, was Best Of Breed, 1948 Specialty, repeating his win as a champion in 1949. He produced winners for Port Fortune, Kedron and Pinch, his Colonsay breeding suited the American dogs he served. "Today, although the overall quality of drop ears is more uniform, the breed seems to lack as sound and typical an individual as 'The Cobbler'." Cobbler's blood at Castle Point is greatly valued and Newry has his stamp through Ch. Woodchuck of Wingan, grandson of Port Fortune the Ace. A devotee of hunting vermin, Woodchuck was also an accomplished retriever. Between 1956 and 1958, through Henry Bixby's Pinch line Newry attained stature with the three champion Newry brothers, McAleenan, McShane and McGilly.
Port Fortune Kennels Miss Jean Hinkle acquired her original drop ear stock from Miss Macfie to found her Port Fortune Kennels. A breeder of Welsh Terriers, Miss Hinkle in 1938 commissioned Percy Roberts to bring back the litter mates Colonsay Allkiff and Colonsay Allcando from England. Allkiff was the first black and tan drop ear dog to gain his title, while his sister proved to be a grand foundation bitch carrying the dark color gene. Her most influential descendant, Port Fortune The Ace, would have been "a sure champion in any terrier man's book, but for the war". As the Norwich Club grew, the necessity for impartial breed judges became apparent. Miss Hinkle proved a dedicated judge, helping Norwich gain their present status. She would have been proud of the Port Fortune descendants and disciples. Exhibitors were warned that type and size had to be established. Her judging was positive, novices were never discouraged by enumerating faults. She not only knew dogs - she also knew dog lovers.