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Elizabeth Matell of Cracknor with Garry Mason
Early Breeders One of the early breeders who had a great influence on the breed was Mr. R.J. Read of Hapton Hall, Norwich. He enjoyed the honor of being the first President of The Norwich Terrier Club when the breed was recognized in the UK. In 1909 Mr. Read bought a puppy by Rags out of Ninety. When it was old enough he experimented breeding first to a Bedlington Terrier producing puppies that were game enough but had a softer coat than was desired. Her second breeding was to a brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier that belonged to the Countess of Kimberley, then bred back to Mr. Jack Cooke's strain of Norwich. From this selective breeding program of ten years Mr. Read bred the famous Horsted Mick in 1929.