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In 1909 Mr. Jack Read in Horstead, near Norwich, acquired a young bitch by Rags out of Ninety which he crossed, first to a Bedlington Terrier, once to a brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then to an Alysham - a rough- haired red street dog named after the Norfolk market town in which he was found - and back to the early terriers descended from Rags. Mr. Read, the first President of the English Norwich Terrier Club, in 1929, bred Horstead Mick, a red dog which appears in many of today's pedigrees and one of the 5 founding sires of the breed. He was a direct descendant of Jones' Terriers, Low's Terriers, and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Mick's ears were cropped. He was a stockily built little dog, very much the stamp of our best Norwich Terriers of the day, and fulfilled his breeder's ambition to produce "a small red terrier, 10 pound full grown with harsh red coat, dark eyes and short legs, stocky and game." In Mick's breeding was the blood of Cantab, Trumpington, Jones, Bedlington, Staffordshire and Bull Terriers; occasional puppies reminiscent of a Bull Terrier appeared among his descendents. Mick had an inbreeding coefficient of 0% and was a singleton puppy with no full siblings or half siblings on his sire's side. He had one half sibling on his dam's side. Mick was bred 10 times producing a total of 16 puppies. He was bred 3 times to Neachley Rusty to produce 5 of those puppies and 4 times to Tempest producing singleton litters each of those 4 breedings. Bred well before breed recognition, neither Mick nor his direct descendents were champions.
Historical Pedigree: Horstead Mick
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