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The Bluebonnet Norfolk Terrier Club does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate these recommendations or contributors, their kennel or their stock. The purpose of this section is to share the knowledge and experience of breeders who have vast experience in whelping and raising puppies. The tips and tricks below are intended to augment qualified veterinarian care, not as a substitute for qualified veterinarian care of the dam and puppies.
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Contributed by Magda Omansky: Mother's Pudding I swear by the recipe called "Mother's Pudding". It really brings in the milk and my girls absolutely love it. It never gave them loose stools and they drink lots of lots of it. 1 packet vanilla pudding (NOT the instant type, has to be the type to cook) 4 cups whole milk (which is twice the amount the packet asks for) 4 egg yolks 1 Fenugreek tea bag Mix the pudding powder with milk, add yolks, mix well and cook stirring constantly. When it just starts to boil turn it off and put a teabag of fenugreek in. Take the bag out after about 2-3 minutes. Cool the pudding off and give it to the bitch. She can drink as much as she wants. Mine have this portion each day. Bitches love this stuff, even when they turn their noses on chicken broth and other liquids. I get Fenugreek tea online at I hope this helps, A few people wrote to me with more questions about the pudding recipe. The "Mother's Pudding" recipe, without fenugreek, is what Myra Savant- Harris teaches in her seminar and in her book. He advice is to give it as a matter of course right after whelping. It introduces a nice dose of calcium (helps with lactation and wards off pre-eclampsia), has glucose to help the bitch with keeping her energy up, egg yolks are supposedly acting as a big vitamin and mineral pill in the most easily digestable form. Wild dogs are known to hunt for bird eggs right after whelping. Adding fenugreek tea is what helps in situations when the bitch has little or no milk. I found it especially useful after a c-section when a bitch might be reluctant to eat and drink, groggy, and the milk might not be flowing yet. The pudding works like a charm. I used to offer ice-cream during whelping and right after, but I found that my girls prefer this pudding over ice-cream, and it's much more effective for increasing lactation. You can leave our fenugreek if there is milk, and you just want a little bit more of it. If there is no milk I'd certainly add fenugreek. Magda
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