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Farndon Kennels From an old publication contributed by James Scharnberg Another horseman, W.E. West, the Market Harborough feedman, acquired breeding stock from Jones and supplied the Pytchley Hunt with working fox bolters. By 1920 his prick ear Farndon strain which can also be traced back to Mrs. Fagan's Brownie, were famous as working terriers and as the pets of American horsemen. The lasting Farndon influence on American Norwich prick ear breeders was established when Pax Of The Briars and his three sons migrated in the late '40s. Mr. West bred the first English prick ear Champion Farndon Red Dog, M.F.H. and the first American prick ear Champion Rachael, Mrs. Randolph's foundation bitch. In 1950 the Dean Bedfords imported Farndon Randolph, the first English and American Champion. Mr. West's record exports to America can hardly be equalled. It is unlikely, today, that such concentration of typical stock would be parted with if it existed. England's loss was our gain with the early Champions Rachael and Victor, followed by the Champion Farndon brothers, Randolph, Rodney and Romeo. Today the Farndon influence is concentrated at Oakley, the senior prick ear kennel in America. Pemberton and Chidley also cherish the Farndon line as Jericho, Quartzhill, and Foxybrook do in England. Although the Farndon dogs were namely prick ear, they do appear in the pedigrees of some of the early drop ear Norwich.
Foxybrook Contributed by Frank Rogers In 1935, Mrs. Panks, Miss Macfie and Mrs. Monckton joined the Norwich Terrier Club. Mrs. Panks bought her first prick ear bitch from Mrs. Normandy-Rodwell called Airman’s Foxiana. She was bred in 1932 by Mr. Read and when Mrs. Panks bought her she was in whelp to “David Copperfield” and duly had seven puppies. Airman’s Foxiana was a daughter of Horsted Mick, and she and her family were the foundation of Mrs. Panks’ kennel, whose prefix is Foxybrook.
Goldencross Contributed by Frank Rogers The Goldencross prefix was registered by Mrs. Thelma Jancey, later Mrs. Thelma Jancey Green. At the time she was living at the Golden Cross Inn. Sutton St. Nicholas. near Hereford. She owned Airmans Matilda and later Norford June Cot from whom she bred the champion twins, Ch. Dusty of Goldencross and Ch. Dinah of Goldencross. She also bred Jericho Dora of Goldencross. dam of Jericho Gin (top brood bitch in 1965). She bred and owned three Norwich champions winning four challenge certificates. Her second husband Mr. Charles Green was a committee member of the Norwich Terrier Club.