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Gotoground Kennels Gotoground Kennels of Esmee O'Hanlon started her kennel with a Ragus Norfolk. Elel Spruce was a heavy influence on the Gotoground kennel foundation Norfolk. From an old publication contributed by Frank Rogers: GOTOGROUND NORWICH TERRIERS (Drop-ear) The Kennels are situated in a most glorious position on the North Norfolk Coast. All the dogs have free range, absolutely essential for healthy growth and development of the young stock, who can thus develop their working instincts from Puppyhood. In 1958 we were top winning kennel in the Breed wsith 7C.C.s and Ch. Hunston Hedge Betty was again top winning Bitch and Ch. Gotoground Widgeon Bunny was top winning Drop-eared Dog, being the youngest Drop-eared Champion at the age of 17 months, he qualifies for his Junior Warrant. We have a total of 32 C.C.s since starting to breed Norwich Terriers in 1954. We have made 4 Champions in this time; two are home-bred and two were reared here from young puppies. All have won the C.C.s under different judges. Gotoground Foxhunter, sire of Ch. Widgeon Bunny, I exported to America in 158. In 1959 I sent his litter brother Gotoground Gunner (one C.C. and two Res. C.C.s). Gunner's progeny have distinguished themselves in the Show Ring. Gotoground Brownie's Girl won an Open D. or B. Class at the age of 7 months; Gotoground Countryman two firsts and Res. C.C. at Birminham City Ch. Show, aged 8 months, and two firsts at Birmingham National in November, 1959. Mrs. Esme O’Hanlon made two very good purchases to help found her drop-ear kennel when she bought from Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Bunting Ragus Solomon Grundy and Ragus Merry Maid, both by Waveney Valley Alder. Her most successful winner was Ch Gotoground Widgeon Bunny a grandson of Solomon Grundy and out of Merry Maid, who was the top winning drop-ear dog in 1960. Not only did Mrs. O’Hanlon’s terrier’s do well in the show ring but they also had a happy time hunting rats on the river banks. From The Working Terrier by Brian D. Plummer, contributed by Garry Mason: In 1968 I took on the training of two saplings sired by a dog from the Gotoground strain. They were aptly named and worked to fox extremely well, finding no difficulty in getting into the narrowest earths. Both were jealous workers, however, and quite difficult to accustom to other dogs being present at a dig.
Founded by Kay Southwick, Hunston Kennels actively bred until the mid 1970's. Although in an early advertisement she proclaims to be a "Specialist in red drop-eared Norwich Terriers" she is credited with developing Black and Tans with good harsh coats and built the Hunston line from a Colonsay bitch. The image below is of an early Hunston dog. From an early publication Mrs. Southwick reported: Of the ten "straight" breed classes at Crufts 1960 show, five were won by Drop-Eared Norwich Terriers. And those five winners, including the "Best Of Breed" winner, all had a "HUNSTON" Terrier as sire or dam or both sire and dam.