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Ickworth Kennels Ickworth Kennels was started by Alice Hazeldine, who handled for Mrs. Macfie and interhited the Colonsay Kennels in 1965. Though she retired from breeding in 1981, her generosity with Norfolk fanciers at home and abroad was revered. Miss Hazeldine's first Ickworth champion was Eng. Ch. Ickworth Proper Pretty. It was Eng. Ch. Ickworth Ready that brought notice to Miss Hazeldine's Ickworth line. The result of an accidental breeding between Kirkby Freddy (a Nanfan Nimble son) and his daughter, Ready was purchased by Miss Hazeldine. Ready was respected by breeder-judges and all-rounders winner 17 CC's, all with BOB's and was the Crufts BOB winner in 1970 and 1971. It was at the Scottish Kennel Club show in 1969 that Ready honored the breed as the first Norfolk Terrier to win a group at a championship show in Britain. With a total of 8 champions the final champion from Ickworth was Eng. Ch. Ickworth Pretty Piece, a double Ready grandaughter that carried the honor of top Norfolk in Britain in 1977.
The following is a short story written by Sheila Monckton of Jericho Kennels, contributed by Frank Rogers Vixen and Tan Early in the 1930’s, I was sitting and writing letters and two of my bitches were asleep at my feet, when suddenly they shot out of the room, and I heard their infuriated voices raised in the hall. I went out to find that the local Policeman had called to see my husband. I do not know if he thought the parlour maid was too slow in answering the door, anyway he walked into the house. That was as far as he got, for Vixen and Tan had got him cornered, and in between their barks took running nips at him if he moved. These same two did not always make a row when anything went wrong. Every night they would come upstairs with me and sleep in their basket beside my bed. I always left the door open so that I could hear if my elder children cried in the night, as Nanny slept next to our youngest and their rooms were down the passage. One night I heard plop, plop, as Vixen and Tan hopped out of their basket and ran to the door, and then there was silence. On getting up to see what had disturbed them I saw a small figure in the moonlight. This was my eldest son Peter walking in his sleep. Thanks to these Norfolk Terriers waking me up and not waking my son, I got him back to bed without a mishap. Sheila is said to have had Nannies and Parlor Maids and to have lived a very grand life! A quote from Sheila: " I bought my first Norwich Terrier from Mr. P.V. W. Gell, a puppy called Red Squirrel, which I nicknamed Vixen, and then I bought Neachley Tan. It is from the latter bitch that I founded my Jericho kennel and all my terriers trace back to her". Mrs. Monckton bought her first Norwich Terrier from Mr. & Mrs. P.V.W. Gell, a puppy called “Red Squirrel”, which she nicknamed “Vixen” and then she bought “Neachley Tan”, It is from Neachley Tan that she founded her famous Jericho Kennel, and all of her terriers trace back to her. She was by Joe Biffin, a son of Ch. Biffin of Beaufin, out of Neachley Bracken, a daughter of Horstead Mick. Tan was an inveterate ratter, and the quickest. The World War had started and Mrs. Monckton did win some 1st prizes though, with a puppy called Red Sand, a son of Red Squirrel and by Ch. Biffin of Beaufin at Crufts in 1938.