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Nanfan and Joy Taylor Excerpt from Article written by Barbara Miller Joy lived in a cottage in the small village of Berrow at the foot of the Malvern Hills. When she purchased the cottage she visited the Tewksbury church, in the market town of the same name, she found the name for her kennel; Nanfan. It was inscribed in a stone wall with a pair of crossed swords. The cottage over 400 years old, she would boast that behind the stables turned into kennels, Cromwell fought the Royalists burning the manor house but sparing the cottage. Berrow is not easy to find but once you do, it is understandable why Joy loved it so much including the little Berrow church down the lane. By Geoff Corrish, Porfessional Handler In this life of ours, we go along day to day, meeting people as we do, and if we are lucky we meet someone exceptional. For me that person was Joy Taylor. It happened slowly. Of course I had read the wonderful Nanfan adverts in the dog press and had seen her at various shows. At this time she had a handler called Andrew Hunt. Andrew had been my best man at my wedding and obviously we were good friends. At this time another close friend, Dorothy Dorking ‘Lowmita’ was showing Toy Poodles quite successfully but admired Joy’s Norfolks. Could I introduce her and, more importantly, would she sell her a puppy? So at one of the shows I saw Joy with Andrew and so I took Dorothy, introduced her and left them to discuss purchasing a puppy. It was not long afterwards that Dorothy did indeed acquire a puppy, and he turned out to be Ch. Nanfan Nectarine. He was the first of several champions for Dorothy, another being Ch. Lowmita Hazelnut. Through this puppy I got to know Joy better and would often chat at shows. Then came the phone telling me that she and Andrew had parted company and would I consider handling Nanfan’s for her? Would I? You bet I would and I jumped at the chance. The first Norfolk I handled for her was in 1983, Ch. Nanfan Sweet Potato. ‘Spud’ was one of the sweetest dogs to show, but also would stand his ground if necessary. He had one of those wonderful heads that the Nanfan’s were famous for. He was Best of Breed at Crufts in 1983 under Mr. Reg Gadsden and Best in Show at the Jubilee Breed Ch. show in 1982. He was also top Norfok in 1982. If his showing career was a fabulous one then as a stud it was even better. In the famous ‘C’ litter, he sired Ch. Nanfan Catmint, Nenne Nunsten’s Ch. Nanfan Category in Norway and even more famous was Barbara Miller’s fabulous Ch. Nanfan Crunch, who I believe started the Maxwell’s. ‘Catmint’ was another lovely dog to show. He was on the large side but very sound and again that fabulous head and mouth and big teeth which sadly we seem to be losing. ‘Category’ was, I believe even better than Catmint. I was judging in Sweden and this dog walked into the ring and I just thought, ‘Wow”, never even thinking that he was one of Joy’s. When I saw that head and expression I knew it had to be, somehow. Joy’s dogs always had the most fabulous coat textures and color, with rich reds. Because of the hard coat texture, often growing furnishings was very difficult. She was very critical of black and tans and would not have one near her! Even now there are no black and tan’s at Standhall Cottage!!
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