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((Continued from previous page) Around the time I was showing for Joy, her biggest rival was Marjorie Bunting of Ragus fame. I can’t say Joy hated Marjorie, but both being strong women, they were never close either. I think in fairness to Joy, she could acknowledge a good Ragus, whereas I am not sure Marjorie would a Nanfan. Eileen Needham was probably more into Norfolk’s then than now. We see her more these days with Norwich. But the ‘Titaniums’ had a lot of Nanfan behind them and Ch. Ferdinand the Warrior of Titanium had Nanfan Sleigh Belle as her dam and was, I believe, Eileen’s first champion. This was in the 80’s and Martin Philips was just about starting in Norfolks, having previously shown Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Jaeva Matti Brown was possibly his first champion and didn’t he go to Barbara Miller as well? There were several new people to the breed and just starting to find their feet. Rita Mitchell had a Daffrann bitch from Daphne Thacker, and David Saltmarsh was showing Pipridges Hustler, who was by Joy’s Ch. Nanfan Summerstorm, and later became David’s first champion. Of course the Ragus dogs were always handled by Marjorie’s daughter, Lesley Crawley. I would need a separate article to chronicle this kennel’s dogs. Like Joy, they came thick and fast. I suppose not many of you out there would have been able to visit Joy at Standhill cottage. So, what was it like? For me, it is like paradise! Situated close to the Cotswolds and the ancient city of Worcester, you drive down this lane which you imagine no one lived on and then suddenly, there it is. Set back off the road, black and white faced frontage. It is so old that Joy told me one day that Cromwell had actually stayed there one night on his travels back to London. Now that IS old! Inside there are stone floors, beams and wattle walls, but it has a magic all of its own. In the kitchen she had an Aga oven which she used to have to fill with coal to keep the whole house warm. Even then if you went in winter you still had to sleep in something warm! Joy was as ‘tough as old boots’ as we say over here. The dogs were up the garden in a range of old stables and she always believed that these were essentially working dogs and as such, should be allowed to work. Often she would come to a show without one of the dogs, saying it had gone to ground but would be out by the time she got home. Joy was not always an easy person, but generated respect wherever she went. She worked hard in all weathers, in pouring rain and even in snow, she would be out with her beloved dogs. In my eye she has made the breed what it is today. To know her was to love her. Her death was a great blow to all who knew and loved her. She is buried in the most beautiful English Churchyard you could imagine, and is within sight of her beloved Cottage. Elisabeth Matell of Cracknor fame now resides there and even now when I am there I often say to Elisabeth, “Make sure you do it right because Joy is watching you”. Published with permission from the Norfolk Terrier Annual 2010 Nanfan Kennels, founded in the 50's by Mrs. Joy Taylor, was built from a Colonsay bitch. Mrs. Taylor was committed to breeding a Norfolk that was successful in both the field and the show ring, although the war prevented her from exhibiting her dogs in the early years. Another dog of influence in the foundation of Nanfan Kennels was Elel Spruce. (NOTE: The following is gleaned from The Norwich and Norfolk Terrier News Jubilee Issue) The first Nanfan champion and Mrs. Taylor's foundation bitch was Ch. Nanfan Nimbus (born in 1960 and a fourth generation Nanfan bitch) but her favorite Nanfan dog was said to be Nanfan Heckle. Nimbus was by Widgeon Bunny ex and Alder grandaughter by Spruce, so three of the four lines go back immediately to Alder and one to his sire. Nimbus' best known son, the dominant stud dog Nanfan Nimble, was sired by a son of Aldersista, himself by a double grandson of Alder, so it was no surprise that he sired eight champions. However, he was soon to be eclipsed by his son the now legendary Ch. Nanfan Heckle, one of four champions from the Nimble-Nanfan Hayseed combination. (The latter was a daughter of Nimbus' litter brother Nimrod and a full sister to Hedge Berry, so the Alder infuence was very strong). Although not extensively shown, Heckle won six CC's including the first ever Norfolk CC at Crufts 1965 and beame the first Norfolk dog champion. He was BOB at Crufts 1965, '66 and '68, which is a record, and was top stud dog 1967, '68, '69 and '71. His record of 13 British champions stood unchallenge until 1984 and his champion granchildren here and abroad are legion. By further concentrating on the Alder and Spruce lines through clever use of Heckle and his brother Halleluia and their champion progeny the Nanfan strain beame extremely dominant and homogenous, only occasioally adding a well dosed drop of new blood. Many notable wins have been achieved, but the most oustanding one must be when in 1975 the Heckle daughter Nanfan Sweet Apple (later champion) won the terrier group at Bath Championship Show and was best bitch in show. This was the first time a Norfolk bitch won a group at this level in Bitain and the first for the breed in England. Another fact worth mentioning is that Heckle, his brother Ch. Nanfan Hayrake, Heckle daughter, son, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons and a great granddaughter account for the Crufts BOB wins in 1965 - 1969, 1972 - 1975, 1978 - 1980 and in 1982! In the 17 years after Heckle's birth his last champion son earned his title, which shows his long lasting influence. Other successful Nanfan stud gos were Ch. Nanfan Nobleman (double Heckle Grandson) with nine champions and grandsire of 12 and Ch. Nanfan Ninety (by Halleluia) sire of six and grandsire of five. This year's (Jubilee year) current top winner, Ch. Nanfan Sweet Potato, is son of Ninety ex the Heckle daughter Sweet Apple.
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