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Waveney Valley Kennels of Victor and Daisy Page were founded by a Colonsay bitch in the early 1940's. The Waveney Valley Norfolks were best known for their harsh coats. Mr. & Mr. V. Page of Ashman's Hall Sussex own the Affix "Waveney" which according to the Kennel Club is "Waveneyvalley" they bred Breeze and Bluebell. An interesting publication contributed by Frank Rogers referencing two Waveney Valley dogs: BREEZE AND BLUEBELL I do not think anyone will claim to have better rat catchers than Mr. Frederick, who lives in Glamorganshire and is an Official Ratcatcher or as I believe nowadays they are called Rodent Operators or Vermin Exterminators. He takes his two drop-ear Norwich Waveney Valley Breeze and Bluebell on his rounds and every year they help to catch over 400 rats. Also contributed by Frank Rogers, an obituary on Victor Page, published 1975: Last summer Victor Page died at the age of 80 on his vast Suffolk farm. During his lifetime his devoted Waveney Valley pack enjoyed such an impact on our breed that it is unlikely their influence shall ever wane, though they attended their last championship show prior to 1960. It was this breeder's conviction that his Norwich were successful as they were "country bred and sportingly matured". By day all of his terriers roamed the fields and woodlands of Ashmans Hall in order to "lead perfectly natural lives so essential to all breeding stock." These were proven field terriers who in the ring were noted for their harsh coats, gay temperaments, and the "physical conforrmation necessary for a good worker with the refinement necessary to a show winner.". The Waveney Valley kennel played a vital role in establishing the drop ear type. Mr. Page's Elel Spruce , a dog of three quarters Colonsay breeding, sired four champions and one CC winner. His son Ch. Waveney Valley Alder won 8 CC's and became the most dominant stud dog force at the time.
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