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The Birth of “Whinlatter” Contributed by Frank R. Rogers Mrs. C. Fisher and Miss M.M. Vaughan, friends and one time neighbors of Miss Tucker, bought Allercombe Task. This bitch was one of the foundations of their kennel. They also bought Allercombe Have-A-Go, and these two were the parents of the three famous children, Champions Whinlatter Toil, Whinlatter Trouble, and Whinlatter Tardy. Another foundation bitch they purchased was from Mr. D. Wyatt named “Cracker of Turtillus”, and what a wonderful buy she proved to be. She was by Mrs. Fagan’s Ch. Bigger Banger out of a bitch bred by Miss Caldwell, “Marigold of Eildonbrae”. “Cracker” has proved herself an outstanding bitch, she has done more for the breed by the excellent children she has produced, the most famous one being Ch. Whinlatter Cob who in turn became the leading prick-eared Norwich in 1957, 1958, and 1959. Miss M.M. Vaughan brought with her a knowledge of how to show a dog coupled with her and Mrs. Fisher’s long experience of breeding Lakeland Terriers, that they soon began to make a name for their kennel. One never saw Miss Vaughan bring a dog into the ring except when it was looking it’s best and in flawless condition, and she taught them to show themselves to the best of their ability. It is an art to know how to show a dog so that it is always standing looking it’s best whenever the Judge should look at it, and how many people realize that a Judge may glance across the ring at your dog in order to make a mental comparison with the dog parading before him at that moment, and how many have their dog standing badly through inattention, and what dog has not got a fault, but in need not be emphasized.
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Withalder Major N. Bradshaw and Mr. R. Finney promoted a line of Drop-Ear Norwich bred for quality, color, soundness and temperament. 1968 the first Norfolk Terrier Club Handbook was introduced. Many of the Norfolk people had worked hard to produce the book, and sincere thanks were given to Major Bradshaw, Mr Finney and Mrs Bunting, and to the writers of the articles.
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