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Wychdale Contributed by Frank Rogers Miss Ruth Walch of Nantwich, who had the Wychdale prefix, obtained her foundation stock by a judicious blending of dogs and bitches from Mr. and Mrs. P.V.W. Gell of Neachley, and Mr. W.E. West of Farndon fame. Miss Walch’s kennel did a great deal to improve the Breed, in particular with her progeny by Neachley Sovereign, out of Midge, the most famous being Wychdale Nucleus, who when mated to Mr. West’s “Pepper” produced Wychdale Nigel, a dog who appears in so many pedigrees and whos descendants have become famous. Amongst others are his sons Ch. Norford Squirrel Nutkin, Ch. Quartzhill Sweet Basil, and Herb Robert, and his daughter Quartzhill Slipper, the mother of the three famous sisters, Farndon Sabot and Sandal and Jericho Hill Vixen. Miss Walch was also a good judge of the Norwich Terrier for a number of years.