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Eng. Ch. And Harry Of Titanium Profile contributed by Eileen Needham, Titanium Kennels Picture Pedigree He was born on March 14th. 1977 to Nanfan Semble, owned by Dr. Tiplady who lived in Marlborough, Wiltshire, U.K. It was the only litter he ever bred, as Semble ("Bunty") was a family pet primarily. How lucky we were to find Harry. He was one of three red males, named by the family, Tom, Dick and Harry. We travelled to Wiltshire to look at the 7 week-old puppies and found two of them had already been sold, so we never saw them. To digress a little, we had a dog at home who was always fishing in our pond and always covered in pond weed. At the time the "Dirty Harry" films were popular here, and I said if I had another dog I would have to call him "Dirty Harry". Imagine how I felt when Mrs. Tiplady came into the kitchen with a litle red pup, announcing , "This is Harry". He was going to be mine, whatever... We decided to keep his name from the family, "And Harry" and we put our kennel name on the end. I never saw either of his brothers. They went to pet homes and were never shown. Eventually, we owned Lowmita Wren's litter sister, Lowmita Linnet of Titanium, and bred her to Harry twice, having a dual CC winner in the first litter ( 2 males), and a CC winning bitch, Titanim Lily Tripper, from the second litter ( 1 male & 1 bitch). All his offspring were red. (Note: Records indicate Linnet was actually bred to Harry three times producing a total of 6 puppies.) When we bought Harry we owned one Norfolk bitch, a grand daughter of Nanfan Halleluia, and bred her to Harry when he was old enough. Harry fitted in with our breeding plans perfectly, which is why we were first interested in his pedigree. If you are still interested, I could certainly write a profile of Harry, and it is interesting that we have a nice male youngster just a year old this week who goes back to Harry several times in the fifth generation through different dogs. Note: Harry is recorded as a singleton puppy, registered in the UK at a time when the Kennel Club initiated a two-tier system of registration and only those puppies registered at the second tier are recorded so that Harry's two littermates do not appear in the statistics.
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King's Prevention Jolly Roger Picture Pedigree By Ch. Elve Pure Magic out of King's Prevention Belinda Profile by Anne Rogers Clark: Jolly Roger was a beautiful Drop Eared Norwich--that was what Norfolk were called in the days when we started out in the breed. He was proper size, proper make and shape, great ears. He was a rich black and tan with perfectly shaped and set jet black eyes. Lovely front and shoulder-level topline-super set on and carriage of tail. His worst fault was that he had one undecended testicle. Jim and I were very impressed with him and begged Constance to let us breed to him--which she finally agreed to--Thank God as he did great things for the breed. His male puppies were entire and and the testicle fault never turned up in later generations. The undecended testicle was very close to being in the correct place--had attention been paid to it as he was coming of age (by pulling it down several times a day) I am sure the fault could have been corrected. He was sound, a very correct mover and enjoyed a super outlook on life.