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Bred in 1932 by the Hon. Mrs. Hoare who concentrated on breeding drop eared working terriers with harsh red coats strictly out of working stock and owned by Mrs. E. Mainwaring (who liked her terriers to have drop ears and who bred the first American drop ear Champion Merry of Beaufin), Biffin appears in the early pedigrees of both Norwich and Norfolk. Mrs. Mainwaring was said to have weighted his ears as he tended to prick them. He himself was a cross between prick-ear and drop-ear and his litter sister Pegotty was a prick-ear. He was good headed with dark eyes, pronounced stop and hard wiry close-lying coat of rich red. He was short backed, had heavy bone, and lacked rear angulation. . His most notable Norfolk son was Tiny Tim of Biffin. He had two likttermates, Peggoty and Little Emly. We can find no record of Little Emly's ear carraige. He had 5 full siblings, 1 half sibling on his sire's side and no half siblings on his dam's side. Biffin produced 23 litters for 49 get. He was bred 4 times to Susan producing litters of 1 and 2 for three of those breedings and an amazing nine puppies from one of the breedings. Other breedings of note are three litters out of Neachley Rusty and four out of Fanny Jumble. Biffin was the first recorded Champion of record, qualifying in 1935 with 3 CC's at the age of 3 1/2, just three years after breed recognition in 1932 and the first year The Kennel Club allocated Challenge Certificates in the breed. He was one of the 5 founding sires in the breed. Note the mixed ear carriage in this pedigree. Biffin of Beaufin was named after the small red apples introduced into Norfolk by the Huguenots and mentioned in Dicken's Christmas Carol, "Bob Cratchit took the squat and swarthy apple back to Tiny Tim." More>>
Historical Pedigree: Eng. Ch. Biffin Of Beaufin
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Eng. Ch. Biffin Of Beaufin